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My book, THE LANGUAGE OF TAROT, was publshed in 2019.  If you'd like more information, including an audio of one of my NYC library talks, go to


 ’ve been a professional psychic for 35 years.  I use tarot with my clients, but I have a strong background.  I have been studying the I Ching, astrology, and numerology for over thirty years.  I am able to bring a lot to my work, as a result.  

I work in person and by phone.  I live in mid-town Manhattan, in New York City.

I am a tarot master.  I have designed a system of reading that is scientific to a great degree: card combination meanings can be taught and learned.  (I have been teaching for fifteen years, and a couple of my more talented students are now out in the world helping others.)  I have created tarot as a language

In addition to the traditional subjects of love, money, friends, career, I diagnose medical and psychological problems. I usually have therapists' names on hand for clients who ask for referral. My clients include doctors, surgeons, and mental health professionals. 

I have seen thousands of clients over the years and have learned to recognize patterns. As a result, some of my medical and psychological theories have been proved true by mainstream science, sometimes as much as 15 years later. (Also, I can often see the side effects of medicines used too much or wrongly prescribed, so I can warn people. An example of this is antidepressants and their negative effects on some people.)  Also, along the way I have used the I Ching and tarot to assist the police in child homicide cases.  I have used the I Ching and tarot since the Oklahoma City bombing and 9/11 to look into the issue of terrorism in general and al Qaeda / bin Laden in particular. 

In terms of my philosophy, I owe everything I am now to Dr. Carl Jung.  Because he had the courage to explore non-scientific “psychic” work (tarot, the I Ching, astrology), I had the courage to do it too. He  used his own life as a laboratory many times.  I have done the same.  Not always pleasant!  But the only way to learn, really.

The only tarot cards I accept as valid are cards, based on the traditional Rider-Waite pack, that use color, image, form, cultural archetype, and symbol to trigger unconscious (subliminal) responses. I love the Mary Hanson-Roberts-designed cards.  They are incredibly emotional and intuitive, and I believe a good reader needs to be these things too.

I believe we all “know everything” and that we are connected to a larger “database” that contains all knowledge, past, present, and future.  I use tarot as a kind of “keyboard” to connect to that information.  I would say that I am unique because I use tarot as a language, one that can be read, the same way we read sentences.  

Also, I believe psychic ability is part of our animal defense mechanism.  We modern humans have over-ridden the right brain (also the source of art), but in primitive peoples and animals I believe psychic ability exists still as a kind of early warning system.  If a person has any kind of psychic gift, I believe that person can learn to do what I do.

I believe that a psychic cannot bring judgment and opinions to a reading.  If clients want to do something and I don’t agree, it is not my place to say so, unless what they want to do is going to be hurtful.  Instead, my job is to add information to a decision-making process.  To warn of the unexpected.  It is my job to try and understand why something is going on and explain it to my client, whether it is medical, psychological, social, career oriented, romantic, financial, work-related.  

Over the years I have noticed life happens in cycles, and so I am always able to inspire my clients.  I have seen that down-times are always followed by up-times.  No matter what I tell my clients, this is always the framework: do what you need to do in a bad time; things will get better, though maybe not in the way you hope or expect.

As for death:  I do not answer questions about “when.” If I see it, I try to see what is the significance for my client.  For example, if someone’s life is being destroyed by anger at a parent, and I think I see the death of that parent coming, I might suggest that the client deal soon with that anger.  This way, if the parent is lost, the person has already found some kind of closure.  (I also suggest that this work can be done in psychotherapy.  The parent, in this case, does not need to know about the anger.)  The way I do this has never harmed anyone, for sure, and has enabled many to grieve properly and begin life again, whole, after a loss.

I read from compassion, from my heart.  What I do may be partly intellectual, but it is much more emotional in nature. (I have found myself crying three times during readings: each time it was when looking at cards so beautiful they presaged joy for the client.)

So this is a little sketch of me, of my abilities, of my beliefs. I have clients around the world -- many of them I will never even meet!  My readings by phone are as accurate as in person.  (I have also written a tarot advice column for a national magazine and have been interviewed for radio here in New York.)

If you are in the New York City area, I teach tarot.  People tell me I’m a great teacher. My skill set includes thirty years of study of astrology and the I Ching, familiarity with numerology, and mastery of tarot.  I can usually see if people have a gift for this sort of thing.  These are the people I teach.

Whatever you're doing, though, I wish you well.  Always believe you can do it.  Always try.  It sounds trite, but it is true:  the only real failure is when we don’t try.

Go with God.

(Please see below for recommended reading.  

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 Jung and the Tarot, an Archetypal Journey -- Sallie Nichols

 Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom (2 volumes) -- Rachel Pollack

 Introduction to Tarot -- Eden Gray 

 Planets in Transit -- Robert Hand

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